The GRA Promise

The Academy will prepare its students to be independent lifelong learners and productive working members of a global society through acquired diverse knowledge, experiences and skills. The Academy shall provide an environment that encourages students to become upright responsible decision-makers, reflective of equity, respect and understanding, maximizing each individual’s intellectual, physical, psychological and moral self by utilizing a unique safe and orderly environment that is conducive to learning to meet the challenges of this ever-changing world.

Great Revelations Academy will focus on preparing students for a successful transition to the workforce and life after high school with a focus on career and college ready skills and standards.  The goal is to prepare all students so that they may develop a commitment to continuous learning and growing as self learners. Students will acquire the ability to think critically and analytically. The Academy will develop students’ literacy and communication skills; employ problem-solving and conflict-resolution skills when facing challenges.  The Academy will strive to provide an education to reach the whole child. Developing students’ morals, value for self and others. Students will learn how to make healthy and positive choices about one’s health, life, family, education and one’s future role as a faithful Muslim in this ever-changing, global society.

As stated in the mission, and through the delivery of our unique program enhancements, the Academy endeavors to prepare its students to become successful, contributing adults.  As adults, students will understand and participate in a free, democratic and market-driven society. They will understand and participate in a global, ever-changing world by being verbally, visually and technological literate as a life-long learner. The Academy will teach and embrace the value of diversity, differences and similarities between and among cultures, religions, countries and people of the world. Students will demonstrate strong morals, good character and a caring attitude toward humankind. The Academy’s value system will work toward building student confidence and fortitude necessary to be leaders