Program Evaluation

Evaluation of educational program is a collaborative effort among instructional staff and other stakeholders including students, parents, building leaders/experts. Student reflections on instructional strategies, resources, and services are considered along with parent input in reviewing student progress data to identify level of mastery in standards and inform pacing of instruction. Assessment data is analyzed by teachers and department leaders at least three times a year to drive recommendations on educational program effectiveness and enhancements needed during the year. Data from annual stakeholder surveys provide key data used during the Consolidated Needs Assessment completed in the spring. These findings and recommendations are collaborated on within the School Improvement Team to analyze strategies and interventions in place as well as identifying effectiveness of resources and programs to establish goal and objectives enhancement for upcoming school year.

The Academy continuously updates curriculum content as the state makes changes and all stakeholders (staff, parents and students) are not only informed of changes, but part of the decision-making process in choosing and selecting instructional resources and materials that best support teaching to the content expectations. The Academy’s school improvement committee includes staff, parents, students and community members who participate in curricular reviews and development to prepare students for achievement in the common core college and career readiness standards.