Success in College, Work and Life

The Academy’s program is designed to provide its students with the education and skills needed to become successful young adults and later, adults who contribute positively to society and the world. Delivery of teaching and learning activities based on the Michigan Core Curriculum, Islamic faith, as well as enrichment activities aligned to the Academy’s unique goals and objectives, ensures that the educational skills being taught are those that help prepare students for adulthood. This will allow the Academy to focus on the student as a whole in implementing both core academics and curriculum of faith and values. Our program prepares students to become problem solvers and utilize conflict resolution strategies through project based learning, hands on activities, and implementation of targeted character building activities. Students develop leadership skills by cooperatively working in groups, collaborating amongst peers and through applying the scientific method as an approach to problem solving. With a focus on development of planning, organization and communication skill, effective leadership roles will emerge. Through integration of technology across all subjects, students will know how to use technology as a learning and research tool and as another means of communication with others as aligned to national technology standards. Technology integration will allow students to conduct research and other exploratory activities in order to find answers to inquiries, develop solutions to problems, pursue areas of interest, and develop a life-long love for learning. The academy embraces diversity of culture through learning and utilizing the assets of diverse cultures.